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The Start Project is a bridge program to bring our A license graduate, now a Novice, up to B license qualification. More importantly, we want to give our Novice a solid background in basic skydiving skills and knowledge.

To review, the B license qualification we are concerned with is the successful completion of ten RW jumps, five of which must be three way or larger. Other qualifications we should be working towards are the accuracy requirement, ten landings within ten meters of target center. This is the inner circle in our Student landing area target.

The first five jumps will be two ways. We will focus on teaching RW basics, starting with the three types of movement; rotation, translation and super positioning. The last two jumps will combine the types of movement with a random formation dive and a piece turning exercise. These last two dives will also introduce the scoring system. After completion of these jumps our Novice will have learned the basics of gripped exits, the various grips and formations used in RW.

The last five jumps will introduce Big Way planning and etiquette. The Novice will rotate through all exit positions and learn to free fly them proficiently. These dives should start with at least a three way and build up larger from there. The last dive should culminate in at least an eight way with an opportunity to earn an SCR.

Coaches, please remember to observe your Novice’s tracking and canopy flight, including approach and landing. They need to be flying predictable and consistent patterns and standing up their landings in the target area.

I will be posting dive flows of each dive in the hangar for easy reference.

Episode 3 of this skydiving series will focus on the types of movement used in basic RW and the various exit positions, specific to the Quest aircraft.

Episode 2 of this skydiving series can be found in a previous blog post at www.skydivecle.com.  Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/skydivecle.

Author John Dutton